Nov 04 2023


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Mosaic 20th Anniversary Show

After a 5-year pandi-induced hiatus, we are so excited to be back on the River Run Centre stage with our renowned Mosaic Belly Dance fusion show, this year celebrating 20 years of Invoketress!

The theme of this year’s Mosaic show is “Dynamic Equilibrium”: finding balance not through static duality, but through the flow of give and take, reciprocity, organic flowing balance.

The Invoketress troupe has been weaving magic over our 20 years of dance to culminate on this night. We will journey through traditions; explore the ascent into the light through compassion, understanding and forgiveness; the descent into the shadow through pleasure, the body, and sensuality; and ultimately, celebrate connection!

We will also be joined by some very special guest performers who have also grown to be very dear friends over the decades:

* Melissa Gamal
* Obsidian
* House of Shimmy
* Steel City Slither
* Wild Orchid
* Peggy Harrison

The event is finished.